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I take pride in having a 5 star kombucha starskombucha starskombucha starskombucha starskombucha stars rating with Google.


Great assistance in brewing kombucha tea - I love my Kombucha! I found the brewing instructions to be thorough, and easy to follow. I have always brewed the best tea , way better than the commercial stuff, and for pennies a day. I always feel a lot clearer thinking when I drink Kombucha in the morning. Highly rated product and foolproof to brew, just takes a tiny bit of the day to put together a batch!... John

Knowledgeable Support - Scott really know's his Kombucha! Whenever I have any problem with brewing he has the answer.... Janet J.

Great Service, Awesome Kombucha! - I started drinking Kombucha last spring when I wanted to give my system a probiotic boost. I liked it so well it was starting to get a little pricey for my budget. I decided to start brewing. I'm a straight forward kind of person and don't like to go through a lot of hype when I'm researching. Straight forward on the web was, by far, Kombucha America. I placed my order and received my cultures in two days (WA to TN!) I've had great success using Scott's Easy Brew Method. AND, he responds to your emails personally and quickly. If you want Kombucha, this is a great resource... Sarah

Awesome product , Great company - I was turned onto Kombucha America back in 2001 by a holistic physician who required all his new patients to drink Kombucha. So, I've brewed it since then. I feel like it greatly enhances the quality of life. Kombucha America offers great service. Here's to happy kombucha drinking... Cheers!... Leslie W.

Kombucha Tea !!! The bomb!## - Kombucha Tea has been a blessing to my digestive tract. Thanx, Thanx& Thanx!!!!... Robert M.

Ten out of Ten for Kombucha America! - As newcomers to Kombucha Tea we had no idea about how to proceed. Three weeks later thanks to the friendly, knowledgable and courteous correspondence with Scott we are now on our third batch of Easy Brew Method Kombucha Tea. In this short time period my wife and I are hooked on Kombucha and especially the simplicity of East Method Brewing. Thanks again Scott from all of us in Canada!... Gordon G.

Love It - I have been drinking this for years and it has made a difference in my health. However, when I was in the hospital there was no one to care for my mushroom and when I came home it did not look too good. So... I contacted Scott and now I will be getting new free cultues. I am very happy with this company and would recommend them and their product... Carl Z.

Great product and great customer service. - I purchased my Kombucha cultures from Scott. The cultures came quickly in the mail. He was very helpful when I had a couple of questions when getting started. Since then we have made successful batch after batch of great tasting and refreshing kombucha. I would highly recommend Kombucha America's product and customer service... Joe S.

Great product & great customer service. - The Kombucha works as advertised. The Easy Brew Method couldn't be easier and works great. I made it for a while using this method with perfect success, then I got busy and stopped for whatever reason. Recently tried to start up again with what I had saved and it wouldn't work. I then emailed Scott to use the replacement guarantee and he got back to me right away and sent me new free cultures. The customer service is great and I would recommend this to everyone... John N.

Quality, Support - Thank you so much for your great customer service! I needed a replacement after several years and because I had purchased the 2 cultures the first time it was done very easily. Also may Kombucha always came out great with the cultures I purchased from you. And you have the best website, and customer support. Thanks again!... M.E.

Thank You! - I recently ordered two Kombucha cultures from you and i just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the cultures. We have already consumed the first batch of finished Kombucha which was wonderfully delicious and our second batch is near finished. Again, we are very pleased with your product and will certainly recommend your company to others. Thank you so much... A.S.

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1. Prompt processing of your order.

2. Directions to brew the tea the old fashion traditional way.

3. Directions to brew the tea using the new & superior "Easy Brew Method"

4. One time FREE replacement guarantee.

5. Directions (sent by email ASAP) to home-make my exclusive Anti-Aging Skin Serum for FREE; a limited time offer and a savings of $12.

"Info on Anti-Aging Skin Serum"

6. My personal email and phone support anytime needed.

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Orders are mailed 1st class airmail via the USPS. The USPS does not offer insurance or guaranteed delivery of 1st class mail. The USPS does lose mail! Two dollars ($2) of the S&H costs charged on check-out is for optional insurance, offered by me, that will guarantee a totally free 2nd order will be sent if the USPS fails to deliver the order.

If you do not want this insurance the $2 will be rebated back to you after your order is placed and received. Just send me a note declining the insurance where it states "Enter Special Instructions" on the check out page. If you decline the insurance you are agreeing to accept the loss of the order, and cost, if it should occur. Please understand that I have no control over the delivery of an order once it is placed in the mail, its delivery is the total responsibility of the USPS.

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This amazing elixir is not only delicious but cost next to nothing to make. It may also save you a great deal of money by keeping you healthy, off medications, away from physicians, and out of hospitals!

One time free replacement guarantee on orders for two or more cultures. Customer pays only S&H costs.

If you are thinking of being frugal by only ordering one culture please Read this info first before placing your order. The small amount of an extra $6 gets you a 2nd culture and the protection of the replacement guarantee if something unforseen occurs that causes a loss of your cultures or mushrooms after you have received them.

Detailed instructions will be sent with your order. We provide free phone support and email support if you need any assistance, or have any concerns, about the proper brewing of this remarkable tea.

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When you get your tracking number go to and enter the tracking number then elect to have them notify you by email the daily location of your order as it is headed to you. Allow 24 hours for the tracking number to first be registered into the mail system.

During hot summer months please do not have the cultures delivered to an outside mailbox that might be exposed to the hot summer sun as these turn into little ovens and can kill the cultures. Likewise, during the winter months a solid freezing can also kill the cultures. To avoid them being killed by excessive heat or cold you can ask your post office to hold your mail for personal pick-up until the cultures are delivered, or retrieve them from the mail box as soon as they are delivered, or in some way fix the mailbox door so that it remains open allowing heat to vent. If cultures are killed by the heat or freezing we will replace them for free but customers are responsible for the payment of shipping and handling costs of replacement cultures.