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Buy Kombucha cultures as low as $6.50 - Kombucha (Japanese, pronounced - con boo cha') is an amazing probiotic beverage that can energize and rejuvenate you. If your health matters, and you are seeking something to improve your health, you have found it! Kombucha Tea is potent, tastes great, it improves health, and you can VERY EASILY MAKE IT FOR FREE!
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Having a rough day? Drink this amazing tea daily and feel a whole lot better!

Kombucha is enjoyed by millions daily worldwide... They rave about its health benefits! It will become the most favorite beverage in your fridge.

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"Web site should not be just about creating pretty layouts with pretty pictures. It needs to be about informing the viewer so they can make an educated decision."

If you take the time to read most of the info on my web site you will know more than 95% of the people who are now home brewing this remarkable tea haphazardly.

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Kombucha Tea Info

On this site you will see the real testimonials of people who drink this incredible probiotic beverage. There are many more testimonials about the health improvements and benefits seen from others on my Testimonial Page... Read them!

Chef Josef Desimone of Google makes this amazing tea for Google employees. Over 100 glasses are served every day at Google cafeterias. . . Wikipedia


Please Note: My primary cultures have been authenticated, containing genus Acetobacter bacterium and Saccharomyces yeasts, and lab tested and certified by IC Micromed Environmental Inc. to insure my cultures are free of all harmful pathogens.

I guarantee that my cultures are hearty and 100% organically pure, grown under lab clean conditions to insure that they are uncontaminated and unadulterated.

How to Make It

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Kombucha Tea is traditionally made using a kombucha mushroom or SCOBY. It is not a mushroom; it is only called a mushroom. It is something more like a lichen and it is also referred to as a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). When grown it looks like a pancake floating on the surface of the brewing tea. The sparkling beverage made from it does not taste like mushrooms. The taste is more like a wine apple-cider and it tastes great!

When a Kombucha culture, or a mushroom (SCOBY), is placed into a batch of regular tea the tea begins to ferment; in 7 to 9 days it is ready to drink. During this time period a new SCOBY grows on the surface of the tea; this new mushroom is later used to make your next batch. Each time you make a batch of tea a new mushroom grows. Because of this fast reproductive cycle you can make an endless supply of this incredible elixir for FREE!

Kombucha America has now developed an easier and safer way to make a more potent Kombucha . This new proprietary "Easy Brew Method" eliminates the risk of household mold contamination, until now this has been a major concern to home brewers of Kombucha. This copyrighted method of making this remarkable beverage using my primary cultures is only given to my customers and is not published publicly on the Internet else it be stolen by unscrupulous competitors and sold by them to my disadvantage.

Please note that the Easy Brew Method is not to be confused with the inferior way of making the tea that is called "continuous brewing". This way of making Kombucha is hawked by those who want you to buy extra stuff that you really do not need to make high quality Kombucha.

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Kombucha when home brewed is very inexpensive to make costing only about 50 cents per gallon. Do not assume this minor cost is an indication of its value as a potent natural remedy; nothing could be further from the truth. You can buy it commercially bottle but it is expensive, costing as much as $4.00 for a small bottle. You will SAVE a lot of money by making your own delicious tea and it is not necessary that you pay the ridiculous high prices, to get you started, that others sell a single hyped mushroom for.

It is so easy to make, a 5 year old child could make it! You will need a culture to begin making the tea. No need to buy expensive kits or How to Courses now being sold on the Internet. Everything you need to make this extraordinary beverage you probably already have in your home or can easily find locally at very little cost.

All that is needed is a gallon glass container to brew the tea in, sugar, regular tea, a little apple cider vinegar, and a culture to start the fermentation of the tea. Customers receive full instructions to make this delicious elixir plus free and prompt email or phone support.

Cultures are inexpensive! At a discount price of only $11.00 each plus S & H you can buy two (2) cultures for $22.00. We recommend that you get two (2) cultures so that you can give the 2nd culture to a friend after you have successfully brewed your 1st batch. They will thank you greatly! Also,my cultures have a one time free replacement guarantee when you buy two or more. If for some reason, in the future, you should need replacement cultures we will send them to you for free, you only pay S & H costs. This offer is not retroactive prior to October 1st, 2010 and does not apply to single (1) culture order.

And a BONUS... With the purchase of cultures you will receive the directions for making the very special and effective Anti-Aging Skin Serum that I have developed for FREE. This is a limited time offer. For more info and to see the results of using this serum CLICK HERE.

If you wish to share with more friends or relatives then four cultures can be purchased for $7.25 each or six cultures for $6.50 each.

If you do not desire to purchase two or more cultures we can provide you with a single culture for only $16.00 plus S&H.

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Testimonials - Read Hundreds More

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Kombucha is only "popularly" called a mushroom, a Kombucha mushroom is not a mushroom and it does not resemble a mushroom. The fermented tea made from it does not taste like mushrooms. It tastes sort of like a refreshing apple wine cider. . . You will greatly enjoy it!

Kombucha grows in regular sugary tea in a gallon glass jar. It resembles a pancake and it covers the surface of the tea. Its thickness varys depending on the time, usually 7 to 9 days, it is left to grow. It is usually between 1/8 to 1/2 inch thick. As the Kombucha mushroom grows it ferments the tea and converts it into a delicious beverage that can greatly improve your health, and quickly clean and detoxify your body. . . It's very easy to make!

The Kombucha "Baby" grows to cover the surface of the tea. In the mushroom are beneficial microorganisms that ferment the tea, converting sugars to metabolic acids to help detox the body. When the "Baby" is used to make the next batch of tea and grow a new mushroom it is renamed the "Mother".

mushroom in Jar

Kombucha is a unique beneficial "pseudo lichen" that has been improving people's health for over two thousand years. It differs from a true lichen in that it does not need light (non-photosynthetic) and it does not grow in the wild. The only reason it is here today is because people have been making it in their kitchens for those many centuries. This is a testimonial in itself because if millions of people throughout the centuries did not find it to have great value it would not be here today.


Please Note: Our Kombucha cultures have been authenticated, containing genus Acetobacter bacterium and Saccharomyces yeasts, and lab tested and certified by IC Micromed Environmental Inc. to insure they are free of all harmful pathogens.

We guarantee that our Kombucha mushroom cultures are hearty and 100% organically pure, grown under lab conditions to insure that they are uncontaminated and unadulterated.

This very beneficial lichen is composed of a symbiotic partnership of bacterium of the genus Acetobacter and yeast cells of the genus Saccharomyces and other friendly symbitoes. It is these that ferment the tea and not the cellulose spongy structure that makes up the mushroom which the bacteria and yeast reside in.

The "mushroom" is fast growing (7 - 9 days) and turns the tea in which it grows into radical proteins, beneficial acids, and vitamins that work to quickly clean and detoxify your blood. It is a thirst quenching ice cold drink that tastes and bubbles like champagne when fresh.

If you use a green tea to make Kombucha it tastes like wine-ginger ale, if you use an orange pekoe/black tea it tastes like a refreshing apple-wine cider. It will quickly become your favorite drink!

kombucha mushroom picture
Surface view of forming mushroom.

It is DELICIOUS, it is EASY to make, and you will enjoy it much more than any of the more popular and less healthy drinks that you may have in your refrigerator.



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Kombucha is abundant in antioxidants these help in the prevention of cellular damage caused by free radicals a common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction that can damage important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly, start multiplying uncontrollably (cancer) or die off.

Kombucha aids in the detoxification of the body being rich in many of enzymes and metabolic acids your body naturally produces thus helping to fortify your body's own ability to detox your system. Kombucha is very high in Glucaric acid, and recent studies have shown that Glucaric acid helps in the prevention of cancer.

Kombucha contains Glucosamines which are of benefit in preventing and treating many forms of arthritis. Glucosamine intake increases Hyaluronic acid production which aids in maintaining collagen, cartilage, and connective tissues lubrication and flexibility.

Many Kombucha drinkers report anti-aging properties; firmer younger looking skin, improved complexion and skin tone, restoration of hair color and improved hair growth.

Kombucha seems to speed up the body's metabolism in doing so it helps a person to maintain a healthy weight. The more active you are the more calories you burn. Kombucha drinkers often tell of the extra energy they experience after starting to drink this remarkable beverage and the restful sleep they enjoy before the next day begins anew. The tea seems to calm the mind, dispelling depression and anxieties.

This beneficial beverage is pro-biotic and helps to maintain a healthy gut flora for proper digestion and regularity.

Compostion of Kombucha

(Kombucha is not a pharmaceutical drug)
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Various Flavonoids Including gallocatechins that help in the prevention of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems, also other catechins exhibiting anti-cancerogenic, anti-oxident, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Various Enzymes

Acetic acid - detoxifier

Carbonic acid - presents in blood aids in CO2 release and regulation of blood pH levels.

Folic Acid - a B vitamin, works with vitamin B12 in reducing homocysteine, a risk factor for heart disease. Supplementation may prevent, correct deficiencies caused by, or be helpful with, Aging, Cancer, Crohn's disease, Heart disease (atherosclerosis & hypercholesterolemia), Immunodepression (including AIDS & CFIDS), Memory loss (including Alzheimer's disease), Osteoporosis, Periodontal disease.

Gluconic acid - acts as a food preservative and is a product of the breakdown of glucose.

Glucuronic acid - Vital to detoxification of the body also produced by the healthy human liver. A precursor for mucopolysaccharide which helps in the prevention of the aging of skin tissue. There is a scientific dispute as to wheter or not Kombucha contains this acid or its precusors. Trying to understand this debate and who is right or wrong will give you a HEADache.

L(+) Lactic acid - detoxifier, assist blood circulation, helps prevent bowel decay and constipation. Aids in balancing acids and alkaline in the body and believed to help in the prevention of cancer by helping to regulate blood pH levels.

Usnic acid - inhibits viruses an anti-bacterial agent.

Amino acids (various, including Theanine) - anti-aging properties, aids in the body's production of Growth Hormone (GH). Hydroxy acids (various)

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) - believed to aid in the prevention of arthritic conditions, atherosclerosis, cancer, free radical damage, skin aging, stroke, brain cell aging, and a immune system stimulant

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - believed to aid in the prevention of allergies, arthritic conditions.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin, niacinamide) - believed to aid in prevention of arthritic conditions, hair loss and free radical damage. Aids in healing of skin tissue. Promotes sexual excitation and stamina, also used as a tranquilizer substitute in high doses.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - believed to aid in the prevention of atherosclerosis, free radical damage, obesity, rheumatism, stroke, and promotes "sex flush" and orgasm.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) - believed to aid in memory and learning functions.

Vitamin C (from Lactic acid) - numerous known health benefits, too many to list.

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Million of users currently enjoy this refreshing tea daily (reported by NBC Dateline) and thousands of Internet users rave about its health benefits.

(1)SCOBY image(2)
(1) Energy field of a drop of living Kombucha.
(2) Regular drop of Green Tea.
Above images do not prove health benefits, just interesting to look at.

Recent medical studies support the long held belief that Kombucha Tea may prevent cancer. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) a consitutent in the tea is antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory helping to interrupt carcinogens before they have the opportunity to attack health cells of the body. Free radicals which can damage DNA may also be decreased.

I personally have had conversations with individuals who credit Kombucha for arresting their cancers. I have also talked to many people who say they know of others who say they also have been cured. This comment is not to imply that Kombucha is a cure for cancer, only that some believe that it has greatly helped them or others.

Recent medical studies continue to confirm that those who drink black or green tea show a 60% to 75% decrease in various types of cancer possible due to the strong antioxidant properties of polyphenols and flavonoids found in tea as well as weak acids with antioxidant properties. Flavonoids also help prevent the low density lipoproteins (LDL) and very low density lipoproteins (VLDL), which are considered to be “good” cholesterol, from oxidizing, this gives the tea the ablility to help remedy atherosclerois and other cardiovascular problems. Flavonoids strengthen capillaries and help reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system.

Catechins found in Kombucha also have antiviral and antibacterial properties which can help protect the body from various bacteria that are toxic such as Salmonella.

"Romanow, Medical Director of the Center for Sports Medicine of Profsport, performed studies on athletes that consumed K-tea under very intensive stress during their training and competitive cycles. Romanow found that the athletes who consumed the tea had an increase in maximum performance capability, an increase in cardiac output, improved gastrointestinal function, and an improved sense of well being. As a result, Romanow stated that Kombucha most probably serves as a biostimulator with a broad range of activity, able to increase aerobic capacity and improve metabolic function."

"It was proven to have anti-microbial activity against a number of pathogenic organisms. The anti-microbial properties of the ferment were attributed to the acid content. Therefore, the prevention of pathogenic growth by the consumption of the fermented tea, Kombucha, may be important in aiding immunity and illness prevention. This effect could lead to better overall health. In addition a few clinical trials have shown that Kombucha can reduce pain, assist sleep, increase aerobic capacity, and improve metabolic function."

(Excerpted from Abstract on Kombucha by C.J. Greenwalt with references to studies)

Skeptics say that if "science" hasn't proven the health claims about Kombucha it just is not worth trying to see if it does work. They prefer to ignore the 2000 years of historical health claims made about Kombucha and just prefer to rely on the premise that if it is not their, or a scientist, or a physicians, idea to drink the tea then it is not a good idea to do so.

Most are not aware that there are some limited studies that do support that Kombucha can improve health. Major studies, however, cost over 100 millions of dollars to complete and that is a lot of money to spend on a home remedy just to find out if it works or not. Most all physicians will not recommend any home remedy over the expensive medications pushed by pharmecutical sales agents, who are not only trying to earn a living, but are also trying to recoup the millions spent on other studies done on other drugs by the firms that they work for. Such companies can not justify spending millions on a Kombucha study, they cannot turn a profit on it because you can easily make it for free in your own home.

Millions of people drink Kombucha daily and speak of the health benefits they have experienced... Give it a try, you will find it most enjoyable and don't worry - you will not wake-up one morning to find a pod beside you in bed. :-)

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Illness Helped:

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The policy of the F.D.A. prevent us from stating that Kombucha cures any ailment. They require scientific studies be done before claims can be made. Studies cost many millions of dollars. The pharmaceutical industry which works closely with the F.D.A. is unwilling to conduct such studies on home cures. The F.D.A. does not conduct such studies.

Even two thousand years of positive anecdotal information about Kombucha is not good enough for the F.D.A. They will not allow us to state that Kombucha can cure any illnesses. We therefore do not make any such claim. . . So as to avoid getting nasty letters from them.

The many testimonials on our web site are from customers who believe the tea has cured them of various illnesses. They are not employed or have any association with Kombucha America other than being a customer.


acne, aging (increased longevity), A.I.D.S, anaerobic dysentery, angina, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, balding, bladder infections, blood cholesterol (lowering), boils, bronchitis, cancers, candida, chronic enterocolitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chron's disease, colds, prevention, colibacillosis, conjunctivitis, constipation, coronary heart diseases, depression, diabetes, dysbacteria, dysentery, eczema, enterocolitis, fibromyalgia, flu, fluid retention, follicular, furunculosis, gastritis, glycolysis reduction, gout, graves disease, hair graying, hair loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, H.I.V., hypertony, hypertension, impotence, immune system (strengthen), incontinence, infectious diarrhea, insomnia, internal diseases (various), interstitial cystitis, intestinal catarrh, intestinal inflammations, intestinal parasite, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones & ailments, lacunar, low blood pressure, low energy, lupus, menopause, multiple sclerosis, obesity, osteoarthritis, parkinson's disease, P.M.S., pneumococcae, prostate conditions, psoriasis, rheumatic conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep disorders, stomach catarrh, staph infections, thyroid disease, tonsillitis, tumors, ulcerated mucosa, ulcerative colitis, weight loss, skin wrinkles, xerophtalmia, yeast infection

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Traditional Basic Recipe

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Below is a brief description of the old fashion traditional way of making Kombucha which is no longer recommended as the better way is the Easy Brew Method.

You will find that Kombucha is very easy to make, and once you have a Kombucha mushroom its continuous cycle of reproduction provides you and your friends with a lifetime supply of this remarkable tea for FREE.

mushroom image

To make this remarkable tea add to water green tea or orange pekoe/black tea, sugar, a little apple-cider vinegar.

Place the culture in the tea to ferment for 7 to 9 days, strain off tea and place in the fridge to cool. We send detailed instructions sent with each order.

During the brewing (fermentation) period the Kombucha microorganisms metabolizes the sugar in the tea and as they do so cause a new Kombucha mushroom to grow across the entire surface of the tea.

The "baby" mushroom can be used to make your next batch of tea or given away to a friend. The "mother mushroom" can be reused to make additional batches of tea if you do give away the baby mushrooms.

Cost & Prices

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Don't wait any longer, order your cultures today. The cost of two cultures (with a life one-time replacement guarantee) is only $22.00 plus S & H. You can order four or six cultures to share with friends at discounted prices, see order page.

It is recommended that you purchase at least two cultures, using one as a backup until you have sucuessfully brewed your 1st batch of tea, the spare culture can then be given away to a friend, but if you wish we can provide you with a single culture for only $16.00.

Order Now while it's still fresh on your mind to do so.

History of Kombucha Tea

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It is thought that the Kombucha mushroom originated in China or the Middle East and spread via the caravan routes of trade. The first recorded mention of the tea was in China in the year 221 BC where it was known as "the Tea of Immortality".

It is possible that thousand of years ago someone made a batch of regular sugary tea and set it aside forgetting to drink it. During the period of days that it was forgotten some rare airborne microorganisms took up residence in the tea. When the tea was tasted it was found to be very pleasant. After additional batches were made health benefits began to be noticed and its popularity quickly spread.

Read Testimonial - High Blood Pressure:

It is recommend anyone who is interested in this remarkable lichen purchase from their local bookstore the book entitled "Kombucha Rediscovered" by Klaus Kaufmann. Some of the information given on this web site is information obtained from this book.

An extensive source of additional information can be found in the book written by Guenther W. Frank "The Fascination of Kombucha". Click Here to read an excerpt of information on Kombucha from his book.

The above mentioned book on Kombucha can be obtained from Amazon.com.

Other speculations offer that the Kombucha Mushroom is related to a birch-tree mushroom that is called Chaga. For hundreds of years a tea has been made from Chaga by the Russian peasants of the Alexandrove district near Moscow to cure them of cancer. Peasants from this area are reported to have no cancers in their communities.

Kombucha Mushroom tea has been known by many names in many cultures. The word Kombucha is its Japanese name. It may have been introduced to Japan by a Korean physician by the name of Kombu around 415 AD.

The tea's popularity, in the past, only seems to have waned when conflicts between nations made sugar and tea scarce.

Some may wonder if the tea is so good for one's health why the medical profession or drug industry is not recommending or marketing it. One reason is that it takes tens of millions of dollars to scientifically test a product before it can be marketed by the medical industry. They are not willing to spend the money if they cannot see a dollar return on their investment.

Kombucha reproduces weekly, for free in your home, making it a poor candidate for a profitable return. Doctors often scoff at "home remedies", they often resist investigating anything new because they are encouraged to recommend only the profitable drugs promoted by the powerful pharmecutical industy.

Read Testimonial - Arthritis, Lung Disease:

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Is The Tea Safe? Yes!

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Pregnant or nursing mothers can drink Kombucha but should not do so in large amounts because it is a fermented tea and contains alcohol and caffeine. No baby or fetus has ever been harmed by the mother drinking Kombucha. The tea can be made with decaf tea. Kombucha is a carbonated beverage, some few people might experience gas due to their sensitivity to drinking a carbonated beverage. Home brewed tea is far less carbonated than commercially bottled tea.

The tea, like anything intended to be consumed, should be prepared in a clean kitchen environment and in a clean manner.

The fermentation of any beverage can leach metal molecules so the tea should not be brewed in metal containers or in ceramic containers that might contain lead. Stainless steel is OK.

There is much misinformation appearing on the Internet about the danger of drinking Kombucha tea. . . it is nonsense! CLICK HERE to check for any FDA warnings on Kombucha. As of the last time we checked, on October 30, 2016 no warning exist. The FDA had previously found that it is safe to drink if prepared in a clean manner. . . It's only common sense that you should prepare anything you intend to drink or eat in a clean manner.

There are rumors that people have died from drinking the tea, again nonsense, if this were true the FDA would have issued warnings about this. More people in one year have died from taking aspirin (about 1000 yearly) than have died, IF ANY, from drinking Kombucha tea in its entire 2000 year history.

One such false "death" rumor started in Iowa back in 1995 when two elderly women became "mysteriously" ill (as reported by the local newspaper and quickly picked up by the national press). Both had been drinking it and the local town paper speculated, in error, that their illness were related to drinking this "strange tea". The fact that many others in town were also drinking the tea and not getting mysteriously ill seems to have slipped their notice.

One of the women died and the other was released, both the CDC and the FDA investigated the "mysterious illnesses" after it was called to their attention by exaggerated press releases.

Both found that each of the two women had medical conditions that were not mysterious at all and were totally unrelated to their consumption of Kombucha tea. However to this day you will still find this false 1995 news report on the Internet when searching for info on Kombucha.

Another false rumor on the Internet about Kombucha states that Kombucha may produce anthrax. This is an absolutely ridiculous. The source of this false rumor came out of an unsubstantiated report that somewhere in Iran that an isolated batch was made by a farmer had been found to have anthrax in it. If this were true then the tea somehow became contaminated with anthrax, it certainly did not produce it. Only if you live on a farm and your cattle are dying of anthrax do you have something to worry about.

Negative information about Kombucha also refers to some people suffering from upset stomachs. Kombucha is a fermented, carbonated, beverage. It is possible some few people may experience some form of stomach discomfort. Fermented, carbonated, drinks do sometimes upset some people's stomachs. However, millions of people drink it daily without stomach distress, if it were otherwise the F.D.A. would certainly be warning the public about it. Such warning do not exist.

Over consumption of the tea when it is very sour may lead to a condition of metabolic acidosis. Normal consumption is about 1 to 3 cups per day, there is no prescribed amount to be taken for any particular ailment. Kombucha is not a drug. You can drink larger amounts of the tea but it is generally not a good idea to consume huge amounts of anything.

Kombucha tea is slightly acidic unless allowed to ferment to a more sour state. If you are taking medication that is sensitive to acidic conditions you should consult with your physician before drinking Kombucha and taking the medicine at the same time.

Millions of people drink and greatly enjoy this remarkable tea daily. It is safer than aspirin and it does improve health.

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Fraud Warning - Bogus Products

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Unfortunately there are greedy individuals and companies looking to prey on people with health concerns by exploiting the popularity of Kombucha and the ignorance of the public. They attempt to sell other forms of Kombucha that simply do not work and are marketed as a more convenient option over brewing the traditional way. Some of these products are expensive and are relying on people's ignorance about Kombucha to make sales.

Only in the recent years has Kombucha Tea started to be bottled commercially and by most, including myself, it is considered to be a great beverage. However, the commercially bottled tea often sells upwards to four dollars, per bottle! This is eight times the cost of what it would cost for you to easily home brew this remarkable beverage; as has traditionally been done for thousands of years.

Commercially bottled unpasteurized Kombucha is often more carbonated and that is not a health benefit. Further still, if bottled and stored too long before being sold the raw tea often tastes too sour or acidic because the living probiotic bacteria and yeast of Kombucha continue the fermentation of the tea even in the bottle. The longer it is left to ferment the sourer or acidic it becomes. Some commercial brewers of Kombucha will sell a pasteurized tea to overcome this problem but once pasteurized probiotic benefits to drinking the tea are destroyed. There is no law that says they must label their Kombucha as being pastuerized.

One example of a fraudulent Kombucha product are the tablets, or capsules, as sold on some Kombucha web sites, by Internet vendors of health products, and in brick & mortar health food store chains. Just in the sense of logic, the only way to realize the health benefits is to drink the actual tea; tablets/capsules simply do not have the same effect, if any, that the tea does. In fact, there is no actual evidence that properly links these supposed beneficial "convenience products" and any kind of health benefit what-so-ever.

Many Kombucha web sites market what are known as "continuous brewing systems". The problem with these, besides the fact that they are overly expensive, is that Kombucha is brewed much like beer or wine. Continuous brewing systems are not used to ferment these kinds of beverages. Brewing continuously contributes to the over-fermentation of the tea resulting in the tea becoming too acidic or sour to the taste. The profit incentive is the main reason continuous brewing systems are being sold and even if you wanted to continuously brew Kombucha it is not necessary that you purchase any such expensive brewing system to do so.

Another terrible offense is the sale of supposed Kombucha extracts with claims of health benefits. So-called extract is really just regular Kombucha Tea that has gone sour and vinegary, sold for high prices in tiny amounts. This is another consumer rip-off. The same can be said for tea bags being sold that are labeled with the name Kombucha. You simply cannot dry up the metabolic acids and living probiotic bacteria and yeasts then put them in a bag and expect them render any more of a health benefit than eating cardboard. I recently had one tea manufacture call me wanting to buy Kombucha so that he could spray it on his tea leaves so that he could sell his tea as being Kombucha Tea.

Traditionally delicious home brewed tea is fermented using what is called a Kombucha mushroom; it is not a mushroom but only popularly called that. Many of the marketers on the Internet who sell Kombucha mushrooms attempt to increase their sales by advertising that their particular strain of mushrooms are better than a competitor because they are larger, organic, or supposedly the original strain of Kombucha. This is nothing more than sales hype. Smaller mushrooms ferment a new batch of prepared tea in the exact same way as larger mushrooms do; by introducing Kombucha bacteria and yeast into the tea causing the tea to ferment.

Different strains of Kombucha have never been categorized and no studies have ever been conducted to prove any one strain, if different strains exist, is more potent than another. Such a study to be valid would have to involve tracking thousands of individuals drinking different Kombucha strains over scores of years to determine any overall health differences between groups. Such a study would cost over 100 million.

Some marketeers are selling dehydrated mushrooms or powder. I cannot count the number of customers who have called me complaining that after buying a dehydrated mushroom, or kombucha powder, that they were unable to sucuessfully ferment the tea.

Understand the different scams that marketers try to pull, and you will not find yourself taken advantage of, or disappointed, if and when you decide to start home brewing and drinking this amazing health elixir called Kombucha Tea.

Of course, I would like you to obtain your cultures from me. I provide personal customer support to help you successfully home brew. If you are planning to purchase from another source be sure that they do offer this type of personal support as most likely you will have questions. Be aware that there is now massive amounts of misinformation about Kombucha on the Internet placed up by novice brewers who fall asleep in their H.S. biology class. It is no longer the best place to get your questions correctly answered.

Following is a list of "some" companies marketing bogus Kombucha products on the Internet. Do you really want to do business with firms that wish to rip you off?


In the case of GetKombucha.com, the owner (a twit by the name of David Lindenbaum) was caught stealing my copyrighted customer's testimonials, he had been publishing them on his web site as his customer's testimonials, and now he brags about being a trusted source even as he continues, in my opinion, to rip his customers off by selling bogus products! He even had the gall to threaten me with legal or punitive action if I did not remove this information from my web site.












If you know of other firms marketing phoney Kombucha products, or taking advantage of customers seeking to drink this remarkable beverage send me an email message and I will include them in the above list of companies to avoid.

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Information provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, Kombucha America assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Kombucha mushroom cultures are sold to make Kombucha Tea recommended to be taken as a dietary supplement only.

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