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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Kombucha Mushroom?

What is the best way to brew Kombucha?

Can drinking this tea harm me in any way?

Is there any relationship between the quality of the tea and the growth size of the new mushroom?

Can I eat this mushroom?

I have heard that if I drink the tea a mushroom will grow in my stomach and kill me, is this true?

How soon can I expect to start seeing health benefits from drinking the tea?

What recipe do you recommend to make Kombucha Tea?

Can I use decaffeinated tea and a sugar substitute?

What is the best way to store the tea after it is done fermenting?

Does not sugar feed cancers?

What are the most common mistake people make when brewing Kombucha?

What does the tea taste like?

After the tea is done fermenting how should I store it?

Can I brew my tea in a plastic container?

How much of the tea should I drink daily?

How should I store my mushrooms?

I have heard that the mushroom will die and the tea will become poisoned if it comes into contact, even briefly, with metal. Is this true?

What about mold contamination, I have heard that is this a problem?

What is all the brown gunk I see in the tea?

I have diabetes, this tea has a lot of sugar in it, how can I safely drink it?

What effect will drinking the tea have on any medication I am taking?

Is it safe for children to drink Kombucha tea?

Can women who are breast feeding or pregnant drink Kombucha tea?

Is Kombucha the same as Tibicos Hongo used to make a similar medicinal drink in Central & South America?

Is the best way to brew the tea using the "continuous brew system"?

Can the same health benefits be seen from taking Kombucha capsules, extracts, or prepackaged tea bags labeled Kombucha?

I have worms crawling on the surface of my Kombucha mushroom, what are these?

How long have you been selling Kombucha?

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