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This very beneficial lichen is composed of a symbiotic partnership of bacterium of the genus Acetobacter and yeast cells of the genus Saccharomyces and other friendly symbitoes.

The "mushroom" is fast growing (7 - 9 days) and turns the tea in which it grows into radical proteins, beneficial acids, and vitamins that work to quickly clean and detoxify your blood. It is a thirst quenching ice cold drink that tastes and bubbles like champagne when fresh.

If you use a green tea to make Kombucha it tastes like wine-ginger ale, if you use an orange pekoe/black tea it tastes like a refreshing apple-wine cider. It will quickly become your favorite drink!

It is DELICIOUS, it is EASY to make, and you will enjoy it much more than any of the more popular and less healthy drinks that may be in your refrigerator.

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