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PO Box 1705
Point Roberts, WA. 98281-1705
(360) 989-9464 (10am - 7pm PST)

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I personally answer all customer service calls.

Sorry, I don't accept credit cards over the phone.
Secured credit card orders accepted below.

Thank you in advance for your business, it's greatly appreciated. . . Scott

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An order for your Kombucha cultures can be placed below using a credit card or through PayPal. If you wish to pay by personal check or money order using your cell phone camera please Click Here.

What you receive for with your order.

1. Prompt processing of your order.

2. Directions to brew the tea the old fashion traditional way.

3. Directions to brew the tea using the new & superior "Easy Brew Method"

4. One time FREE replacement guarantee.

5. Directions (sent by email ASAP) to home-make my exclusive Anti-Aging Skin Serum for FREE; a limited time offer and a savings of $12.

"Info on Anti-Aging Skin Serum"

6. My personal email and phone support anytime needed.

Orders are mailed 1st class airmail via the USPS. The USPS does not offer insurance or guaranteed delivery of 1st class mail. The USPS does lose mail! Two dollars ($2) of the S&H costs charged on check-out is for optional insurance, offered by me, that will guarantee a totally free 2nd order will be sent if the USPS fails to deliver the first order.

If you do not want this insurance the $2 will be rebated back to you after your order is placed and received. Just send me a note declining the insurance where it states "Enter Special Instructions" on the check out page. If you decline the insurance you are agreeing to accept the loss of the order, and cost, if it should occur. Please understand that I have no control over the delivery of an order once it is placed in the mail, its delivery is the total responsibility of the USPS.

To place an order make your selection below:

Using the drop down menu arrow - ∨ - below
select your order quantity.

Order Kombucha Cultures
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After you have placed your order do not close your browser window until you see our "Thank You for Your Order" page.

When ordering cultures use the "Buy Cultures Now" button above to submit your order and not the "Buy Directions Only" button seen below.

If using a credit card after clicking on "Buy Cultures Now" review the order and then click on the "CheckOut" button, or you have money in your PayPal account click on "PayPal CheckOut".

If you ONLY want the directions for making the Anti-Aging Skin Serum the cost is only $12.00 and the same price for the Easy Brew Method directions. Directions will be sent to you by email ASAP. Just click on the "Buy Directions Only" button shown below.

Order Directions for:
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The world is not perfect, sometimes internet/software glitches do occur, if you have a problem completing a payment contact me by email or phone and I can send an email invoice which can be paid by credit card. Just let me know the number of cultures you wish to order.

Place order now, excluding Sunday & holidays your order will be mailed in:

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