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It is thought that the Kombucha mushroom originated in China or the Middle East and spread via the caravan routes of trade. The first recorded mention of the tea was in China in the year 221 BC where it was known as "the Tea of Immortality".

It is possible that thousand of years ago someone made a batch of regular sugary tea and set it aside forgetting to drink it. During the period of days that it was forgotten some rare airborne bacterial and yeast spores took up residence in the tea. When the tea was tasted it was found to be very pleasant. After additional batches were made health benefits began to be noticed and its popularity quickly spread.

The tea is well known in Russia where it is greatly respected for it health benefits. Kombucha Mushroom tea has been known by many names in many cultures. The word Kombucha is its Japanese name. It may have been introduced to Japan by a Korean physician by the name of Kom (Kim ?) around 415 AD.

The tea's popularity, in the past, only seems to have waned when conflicts between nations made sugar and tea scarce.

Some may wonder if the tea is so good for one's health why the medical profession or drug industry is not recommending or marketing it. One reason is that it takes tens of millions of dollars to scientifically test a product before it can be marketed by the medical industry. They are not willing to spend the money if they cannot see a dollar return on their investment.

Kombucha reproduces weekly, for free in your home, making it a poor candidate for a profitable return. Doctors often scoff at "home remedies", they often resist investigating anything new because they are encouraged to recommend only the profitable drugs promoted by the powerful pharmecutical industy.

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