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You will find that Kombucha tea is very easy to make, and once you have a Kombucha mushroom its continuous cycle of reproduction provides you and your friends with a lifetime supply of this remarkable tea for FREE.

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To make this remarkable tea add to water green tea or orange pekoe/black tea, sugar, a little apple-cider vinegar. Place the primary culture in the tea to ferment for 7 to 9 days, strain off tea and place in the fridge to cool. We send detailed instructions sent with each order.

During the brewing (fermentation) period the new "baby" mushroom that grows in the container with the "mother" mushroom metabolizes the sugar in the tea. The "baby" mushroom can be used to make your next batch of tea or given away to a friend. The "mother mushroom" can be reused to make additional batches of tea if you do give away the baby mushrooms.


Don't wait any longer, order your primary Kombucha cultures today. At a discounted price the cost of two Kombucha cultures is only $22.00 ($11.00 each) plus S&H. Give the 2nd culture to a friend so that they can also improve their health. You can get four cultures at a greater discount, and share with more friends, for only $29.00 ($7.25 each) plus S & H. Six cultures for only $39.00 ($6.50 each) plus S & H. Order now while it's still fresh on your mind to do so.

We can provide you with a single culture for only $16.00 plus S & H.

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