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Million of users currently enjoy this refreshing tea daily (reported by NBC Dateline) and thousands of Internet users rave about its health benefits.

Recent medical news reports support the long held belief that Kombucha Tea may prevent cancer. I personally have had conversations with individuals who credit Kombucha tea for arresting their cancers. I have also talked to many people who say they know of others who say they also have been cured. This comment is not to imply that Kombucha is a cure for cancer, only that some believe that it has been for themselves or for others.

Recent medical studies continue to confirm that those who drink black or green tea show a 60% to 75% decrease in various types of cancer possible due to the strong antioxidant properties of polyphenols found in tea as well as weak acids with antioxidant properties.

Glucuronic acid (debated}, or its precursors are also present in Kombucha Tea, this acid is a metabolite that is produced by a healthy liver and aids in the detoxification of the body. By drinking Kombucha Tea daily you may help prevent your body tissues from absorbing all the toxins and poisons found in our industrial environment that may be making you ill.

Many health benefits that have been reported by others from drinking Kombucha Tea, most are likely due to its cleansing, detoxifying and acidifying effects. The health and healing benefits of this remarkable "living" tea are varied and may also vary from person to person. The tea has been purported to be of "possible" help for many medical ailments.

"Romanow, Medical Director of the Center for Sports Medicine of Profsport, performed studies on athletes that consumed Kombucha under very intensive stress during their training and competitive cycles. Romanow found that the athletes who consumed Kombucha had an increase in maximum performance capability, an increase in cardiac output, improved gastrointestinal function, and an improved sense of well being. As a result, Romanow stated that Kombucha most probably serves as a biostimulator with a broad range of activity, able to increase aerobic capacity and improve metabolic function."

"Kombucha was proven to have anti-microbial activity against a number of pathogenic organisms. The anti-microbial properties of the ferment were attributed to the acid content. Therefore, the prevention of pathogenic growth by the consumption of the fermented tea, Kombucha, may be important in aiding immunity and illness prevention. This effect could lead to better overall health. In addition a few clinical trials have shown that Kombucha can reduce pain, assist sleep, increase aerobic capacity, and improve metabolic function."

(Excerpted from Abstract on Kombucha Tea by C.J. Greenwalt with references to studies)

Give it a try, you will find it most enjoyable and don't worry. . . you will not wake-up one morning to find a pod beside you in bed. :-)

The policies of the F.D.A. prevent us from stating that Kombucha cures any ailment. They require scientific studies be done before claims can be made. Studies cost many millions of dollars. The pharmaceutical industry which works closely with the F.D.A. is unwilling to conduct such studies on home cures. The F.D.A. does not conduct such studies.

Even two thousand years of positive anecdotal information about Kombucha is not good enough for the F.D.A. They will not allow us to state that Kombucha can cure any illnesses. We therefore do not make any such claim. . . So as to avoid getting nasty letters from them.

We have hundreds of testimonials on our main web site from customers who believe the tea has cured them of various illnesses. We strongly suggest you visit our main web site - www.kombuchaamerica.com - and read them, there are too many to be read on your mobile device.

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