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Is Kombucha Tea Safe? Yes!

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Pregnant or nursing mothers can drink Kombucha but should not do so in large amounts because it is a fermented tea and contains alcohol and caffeine. No baby or fetus has ever been harmed by the mother drinking Kombucha. The tea can be made with decaf tea. Kombucha is a carbonated beverage, some few people might experience gas due to their sensitivity to drinking a carbonated beverage. Home brewed tea is far less carbonated than commercially bottled tea.

The tea, like anything intended to be consumed, should be prepared in a clean kitchen environment and in a clean manner.

The fermentation of any beverage can leach metal molecules so the tea should not be brewed in metal containers or in ceramic containers that might contain lead. Stainless steel is OK.

There is much misinformation appearing on the Internet about the danger of drinking Kombucha tea. . . it is nonsense! CLICK HERE to check for any FDA warnings on Kombucha. As of the last time we checked, on October 30, 2016 no warning exist. The FDA had previously found that Kombucha Tea is safe to drink if prepared in a clean manner. . . It's only common sense that you should prepare anything you intend to drink or eat in a clean manner.

There are rumors that people have died from drinking the tea, again nonsense, if this were true the FDA would have issued warnings about this. More people in one year have died from taking aspirin (about 1000 yearly) than have died, IF ANY, from drinking Kombucha tea in its entire 2000 year history.

One such false "death" rumor started in Iowa back in 1995 when two elderly women became "mysteriously" ill (as reported by the local newspaper and quickly picked up by the national press). Both had been drinking Kombucha Tea and the local town paper speculated, in error, that their illness were related to drinking this "strange tea". The fact that many others in town were also drinking the tea and not getting mysteriously ill seems to have slipped their notice.

One of the women died and the other was released, both the CDC and the FDA investigated the "mysterious illnesses" after it was called to their attention by exaggerated press releases.

Over consumption of the tea when it is very sour may lead to a condition of metabolic acidosis. Normal consumption is about 1 to 3 cups per day, there is no prescribed amount to be taken for any particular ailment. Kombucha is not a drug. You can drink larger amounts of the tea but it is generally not a good idea to consume huge amounts of anything.

Kombucha tea is slightly acidic unless allowed to ferment to a more sour state. If you are taking medication that is sensitive to acidic conditions you should consult with your physician before drinking Kombucha and taking the medicine at the same time.

Millions of people drink and greatly enjoy this remarkable tea daily. It is safer than aspirin and it does improve health.

Both found that each of the two women had medical conditions that were not mysterious at all and were totally unrelated to their consumption of Kombucha tea. However to this day you will still find this false 1995 news report on the Internet when searching for info on Kombucha.

Another false rumor on the Internet about Kombucha states that Kombucha may produce anthrax. This is an absolutely ridiculous. The source of this false rumor came out of an unsubstantiated report that somewhere in Iran that an isolated batch of Kombucha Tea made by a farmer had been found to have anthrax in it. If this were true then the tea somehow became contaminated with anthrax, it certainly did not produce it. Only if you live on a farm and your cattle are dying of anthrax do you have something to worry about.

Negative information about Kombucha also refers to some people suffering from upset stomachs. Kombucha is a fermented, carbonated, beverage. It is possible some few people may experience some form of stomach discomfort. Fermented, carbonated, drinks do sometimes upset some people's stomachs. However, millions of people drink Kombucha tea daily without stomach distress, if it were otherwise the F.D.A. would certainly be warning the public about it. Such warning do not exist.

Kombucha Fraud Warning

Certain supplement companies (Yogi Green Tea Kombucha, GetKombucha, Livamed, IHerb, VitaDigest, Kombucha2000, HerbsPro and others) are now offering Kombucha in capsule/tablet form, or in tea bags, or selling so-called extracts, either in health stores or on the Internet. Beware of purchasing these RIP OFF products. There is absolutely NO evidence, in my opinion, that these Kombucha products have any health benefits. These unscrupulous companies are capitalizing on the popularity and reputation of Kombucha "the living" tea, and on the ignorance of the public about Kombucha. In my opinion they do not care that their products do nothing for health and are very willing to lie to you to get your money.

The health benefits from Kombucha are best realized when you drink the "living" tea. Kombucha Tea contains live beneficial microorganisms and they are probiotic. Once the mushroom or tea is dried, the microorganisms die and you are left with an inert powder of no medicinal value, you might as well eat cardboard.

Bottled Kombucha Tea is being expensively sold on the internet and health stores but you can easily make it at home for about 50 cents per gallon. Commercially bottled tea sells for $3.00 to $4.00 per small bottle and is heavily carbonated. Carbonation is not good for the body. Kombucha is a fermented tea and quickly turns sour when capped and bottled unless it is pasteurized or kept very cold.

So-called Kombucha extract is just old Kombucha tea that has turned vinegary and sold in small amounts at high prices, a consumer RIP OFF and of no health value.

Some sites (like GetKombucha.com aka KombuchaHome.com) sell expensive continuous brewing systems... In my opinion these systems do not work! If you only remove some tea to drink from a larger fermenting batch of tea, the replace it with a like amount of fresh tea, that still leaves the larger amount of tea continuously fermenting and growing much more sour each day. Within a short period of time all of the tea has to be thrown out because it has become to acidic and sour to drink. Brewing Kombucha is similar to brewing wine or beer, ask anyone who brews wine or beer and they will tell you that they would never use such a continuous brewing method.

In my opinion companies selling such systems are simply trying to grab as much money out of your pocket as they can before you wise up. Such companies realize that once you obtain your culture to make Kombucha you will not have a need to give them repeat business as you will buy most everything you need to make more batches of tea from your local grocery store at less cost. They realize that the opportunity to sell to you is a one time deal. They therefore try to sell you as much crap as they can, such as pH stripes, how-to-videos, pre-packaged tea bags, brewing jars, continuous brewing systems, etc.etc. All that you really need to make a great batch of tea is a viable Kombucha culture, a set of clear instructions, some tea and sugar,a glass jar to ferment the tea in, an possibly some customer support if any questions do arise.

I once had a representive call me, of a company that grows and sells tea, he asked if I can provide them with many thousands of gallons of fermented Kombucha Tea. I told him that is not what I sell. I then asked him why he wanted that much Kombucha. He replied "so we can spray it on our tea leaves and sell our product as Kombucha Tea".

In the case of GetKombucha.com, the owner (a guy by the name of David Lindenbaum) was caught stealing my copyrighted customer's testimonials, he was publishing them on his web site as his customer's testimonials, and now he brags about being a trusted source even as he continues, in my opinion, to rip his customers off by selling bogus products!

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