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What Is It?

Kombucha is only "popularly" called a mushroom, a Kombucha mushroom is not a mushroom and it does not resemble a mushroom. The fermented tea made from it does not taste like mushrooms. It tastes sort of like a refreshing apple wine cider. . . You will greatly enjoy it!

Kombucha grows in regular sugary tea in a gallon glass jar. It resembles a pancake and it covers the surface of the tea. Its thickness varys depending on the time, usually 7 to 9 days, it is left to grow. It is usually between 1/8 to 1/2 inch thick. As the Kombucha mushroom grows it ferments the tea and converts it into a delicious beverage that can greatly improve your health, and quickly clean and detoxify your body. . . It's very easy to make!

The Kombucha "Baby" grows to cover the surface of the tea. In the mushroom are beneficial microorganisms that ferment the tea, converting sugars to metabolic acids to help detox the body. When the "Baby" is used to make the next batch of tea and grow a new mushroom it is renamed the "Mother".

Kombucha is a unique beneficial "pseudo lichen" that has been improving people's health for over two thousand years. It differs from a true lichen in that it does not need light (non-photosynthetic) and it does not grow in the wild. The only reason it is here today is because people have been making it in their kitchens for those many centuries. This is a testimonial in itself because if millions of people throughout the centuries did not find it to have great value it would not be here today.

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Please Note: Our Kombucha cultures have been authenticated, containing genus Acetobacter bacterium and Saccharomyces yeasts, and lab tested and certified by IC Micromed Environmental Inc. to insure they are free of all harmful pathogens.

We guarantee that our Kombucha mushroom cultures are hearty and 100% organically pure, grown under lab conditions to insure that they are uncontaminated and unadulterated.

Kombucha Mushroom Tea Consumer Warnings

In my opinion unscrupulous companies (GetKombucha, iHerbs, Herbal Advisor, Pronatura, Herbal Remedies, and others) trying to capitalize on the reputation of fresh Kombucha Mushroom Tea, are defrauding consumers by selling worthless Kombucha extracts, capsules, powders, and tea bags labeled as Kombucha.

Only the fresh "living" tea contains the various beneficial "live" microorganisms that work to improve your health. The expensive products that they sell do not!

Some amateurs haphazardly sell mushrooms on the internet that have not been laboratory tested and certified by a microbiologist to be free of dangerous pathogens such as E-coli and Salmonella.

Other marketers try to sell mushrooms labeling them Jumbo, or Royal, or Chinese to make them sound of greater value. They also attempt to sell expensive "kits" to make the tea. Nothing they attempt to sell you is needed to make Kombucha, to make Kombucha you already have in your kitchen and no mushroom has ever been proven to be more potent than another.

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